Pakistani Cinemas Banned Indian Movies Amid Deteriorating Situations Between India And Pakistan


The Bollywood industry has to manage a lot more loss because Pakistan has banned Indian films to run on big screen in all over Pakistan amid the escalating situations between India and Pakistan majorly for Kashmir and Uri attack.


The Pakistan has stepped forward to bow down India as Pakistan has banned Bollywood flicks to run on big screens in Pakistan, the tension between the cross border India and Pakistan escalating for the brutal Killings in Kashmir by Indian forces.

The Indian forces had completely shut down markets and ordered for complete shutter down strike in Kashmir while they are killing innocent Kashmiri peoples who want to be the part of Pakistan rather than to be the India.

The immense deteriorating tension leveled up when India blamed Pakistan for the Uri sector attack in Kashmir on Indian camp in which more than 18 Indian militants killed, Pakistan refused Indian claim but India unleashed the wave of tensions by asking Pakistan for a brutal war.

Both of the countries fully fledged ready for war although India has launched dramatic surgical war in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Cinemas has taken a best step by banning Indian films, as Pakistan asked people to ban Indian films the patriot people has agreed with Pakistan’s government policies.

According to a rough statistic, Nadeem Mandviwala who is running eight cinemas in Capital Islamabad and Karachi has banned Indian films from 30 September till the escalating tension will not improve.

The manager of Super Cinemas Khurram Gultasab has asked not to screen Indian films along with his group cinemas as well, other cinema managers on small scale has also confirmed they will not play Indian movies in cinemas as Indian Killed two Pakistani soldiers on Line of Control.