Panama Paper Disclosure A Huge Tax Exposes Vladimir Putin Aides, World Leaders And Celebrities


Leaked Panama Papers claims Vladimir Putin who is not named himself in the documents but his close associates, he shuffled around $2 billion dollars through companies and banks.


A massive leak of documents has exposed the foreigner dealing of aides to Russian President including with the celebrity of Barcelona’s forwarder Lionel Messy, 100 media group investigation which described as one of the largest investigation in the history in which reveal about 140 offshore asset in all over the world, the investigation revealed that the 12 former leaders are named in the documents of investigation.

According to the result of 100 media investigation, twelve former leaders including the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the King of Saudi Arabia and the president of Ukraine as well as the celebrities of the movies including Jackie Chan and the famous Barcelona’s forwarder Lionel Messy are the parts of the investigation who shuffled offshore asset over world.

The late father of British Prime Minister David Cameron with the premier of Iceland during the financial crises of country had secretly invested millions.

Around 33 companies and peoples are banned by United State government for such wrongdoing in North Korea and Iran. While in Iceland, the files allegedly show Prime Minister Sigmund David Gunnlaugsson, then his wife interested to buy the offshore firm who had millions of dollars in the bank when Iceland country suffering from financial crises.

About FIFA committee three of the authorities involved in the scandal the first one who is the vice president of FIFA Eugenio Figueredo and another with his son Mariano who were playing bribes to win the soccer. But it was not clear that who is the one that have the source of these leaked documents.