Paris Attacks Ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud Probable Planning Big Blasts in UK


A foreign news agency warned about entry of many ISIS militants in United Kingdom along with mastermind of Paris attacks for introducing big explosion plan in upcoming days.


According to a news report, few days back, famous militant group named Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) threaded to British government about big explosion and now, intelligence agencies expected that many terrorists entered in different regions of England for completing their task in shape of blast along with ringleader of Paris attacks.

Young commander of ISIS named Abdelhamid Abaaoud gave a secret video statement for UK’s government in which militant said that many jihadist also shifted to your land in previous year and trying to make big explosion in different states of Europe.

German authorities told that is a major risk about upcoming attack predictions because security forces also arrested four unidentified refugees.

Last year in November, ISIS militants vibrated whole Paris with harsh bombings and suicide blasts in which almost 130 local citizens departed from that life and more than 300 wounded. Now, terrorists expected to enter in British land for introducing another series of blasts because they already informed to government about these attacks.

Senior Western official told that 60 militants entered in England by using the way of Greece, Romania and Bulgaria through ocean waves in shape of refugees.

Recently, ISIS confirmed the death of famous leader well known as Jihadi John but group did not feel any disparity and continue their attacks in Syria and Iraq against all forces for getting over success.

The best thing is that Government did not introduce any specific way for decreasing the fear of upcoming ISIS attack in England but secretly they are trying to caught all unidentified settlers situated near in sea in two days ago German police arrested three Islamic militant.