Passengers Bus Fell into River in Gujarat India, 37 Killed Several Missing


A big traveler’s bus fell in to river situated in Gujarat due to driving careless in which almost 37 people drowned and lot of missing till now.


According to a local news report, a passenger’s bus fell in to Purna River in Navsari District of Gujarat from 20 feet high bridge in result of high speed, 37 people departed from that life and 24 got serious injuries. Almost 20 rescue teams trying to get all missing people and many people also rescued by safety workers.

Gujarat state road corporation bus traveling towards villages areas, anyone did not know the exact number of travelers in the bus. All injured have serious condition but big rescue operation continuing by police, rescue teams, fire brigade and more than hundred ambulance services engaged in operation.

Another news report told that bus packed with 60 people when vehicle fell in to river from 20 feet high bridge in result of unbalancing tires. Rescue teams find out 37 dead bodies but till now many people missing and all injured passengers shifted to Navsari hospital for better treatment but a big hurdle by strong water current increased lot of problems for relief workers.

Nearly situated people at seen said accident held in evening between 5:30 and 6:00, Navasari district collector who rushed on the spot showed deeply sorrow for all family members of drowning passengers and made a committee for getting actual reason of that event.

Government officials told many young students and workers were using that bus after returning to their houses from Navsari but all of these travelers failed to reach their homes. Rescue workers want to use a big crane for lifting the accidental bus from river but that type of machine did not available in nearly area.