Pathankot Attack: Indian Security Agency Arrests Gurdaspur SP


New Delhi: The Indian National Investigation Agency has taken into his custody Gurdaspur SP Salwinder Singh, his friend Rajesh Verma and the cook as suspects of Pathankot terror attack case. These three were kidnapped by the terrorists and during the attack, were released safely.


However, SP Salwinder has refused the allegations regarding his involvement in this case but the Indian National Investigation Agency has claimed for these suspects’ connections to terrorists but the clear outcome will showed off what is behind the scene.

However, the questions raised over Salwinder Singh’s disappearance at time of the attack even his appearance at airbase making him suspicious as no one comes usually there.

If Indian media’s reports are to be believed the terrorists kidnapped SP Salwinder Singh, his friend Rajesh Verma and as well as his cook close to airbase, while released them after some time without hurting but beheaded his friend.

According to senior officers’ statements, on New Year’s event, a phone call was done to Ikagar from Pakistan, though after some minutes space about eight calls were carried out to Pakistan from his telephone.

Nonetheless, it also said to be that SP Salwinder Singh informed police about his abduction but they didn’t take it seriously.

Salwinder also stated that the terrorists took him into their custody when he was coming back from Gurdaspur, situated in the northwest part of the Republic of India, though also informed security forces and that made the cause to present the hurdle in terrorists’ way who has reportedly set to launch huge destruction.

On the other hand, Indian National Investigation Agency believes that the attack was carried out by the ISI and went phone call details of Ikagar.

Soon Indian National Investigation Agency will announce who is behind the scene and what role played SP Salwinder Singh in this whole act alongside the terrorists.


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