Paul Walker Death Case: District Judge Overrules Porsche’s Responsibility in Fatality


A district judge for the lawsuit of Paul Walker’s death Case was registered by the widow of actor Paul Walker’s friend who was driving the vehicle, ended case overruling Porsche’s responsibility in fatality.


The federal judge in Los Angeles had closed the case by rejecting automaker Porsche’s responsible for the November 2013 car accident, in which Hollywood super star Paul Walker and his friend died, international media reported.

Walker was part of the seventh installment in the Fast and the Furious franchise before his death while lawsuit was filed against Porsche by the widow of actor’s friend in May 2014, judge has resolved the mystery rejecting vehicle responsibility in car crash though these both friends died during street car racing, local news agencies reported.

Roger Rodas who was friend of an American actor, his widow Kristine Rodas told that there had been building-up and safety defects in the Porsche Carrera GT though lawsuit has been rejected by the judge.

The applicant argued saying the passenger section was not enough strong and that the vehicle was not manufactured to care for its occupants from a side impact as well some defects were also reported in the gas tank and the automobile’s suspension.

Nevertheless, the judge discovered all claims baseless and hence resolved the death case of Walker and his friend because lack of strong evidence.

Kristine who is an applicant in this case, filed complaint with claim that the automobile was traveling was travelling at 88 km (55 miles) per hour at the time of the accident though the police report regarding the crash, the automobile was travelling between 128 kph and 150 kph (79 mph to 93 mph).

While the authorities of The Carrera GT claimed that the vehicle had exceeded at more than twice the legal speed limit that what the cause of burst into flames after smashing into a public light pole as well later a tree.