Philippine Scramble To Solve Issue After Insulting President Barack Obama


Now the Philippines are on its way to scramble the row of defuse between the Philippines and United Nations along this the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte show regret on his abusive comment about Barack Obama.


On Monday during a press conference Rodrigo Duterte who is the present President of Philippines passed an abusive statement about the 44th President of United Nations as he said that Barack Obama is a son of bitch or a son of whore.

Local as well as International media really lifted up this matter but according to the schedule there is summit set between these two presidents of different nations and like any other country United States first see its foreign policy than see its personal matters and this is a situation where the Summit between Philippine and United Nation is very important.

On the other side the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte shows regret that he is angry on Monday and the exact meaning of his statement was not to abuse the United States President in fact the main focus was the issue of Human Rights Discussions.

Now when the Summit was set Philippine shows two issues as they are in a guilt on the Statement given by Rodrigo Duterte so, first one is that there is a chance that President Barack Obama will give a long lecture to Rodrigo Duterte on the extrajudicial killing of people in Philippine which was continued from last 2 months and till 2,400 people are killed.

The second one is that how Rodrigo Duterte will face Barack Obama as he is in a great guilt and regret for the enduring partnership between these two nations on the other side White House said that Obama will not show any harsh gesture he is always ally of other nation.