Philippine: Suicide Bomb Attack in Davao Market Place, 14 Killed More Than 60 Wounded


The home city of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Davao is under terrorist attack a suicide bomb blast take place in the busy market of this city in the result of this attack 14 people have lost their lives and roundabout 60 are injured.


Davao is the city which is situated in the southern portion of Philippine and this is the city where the President Rodrigo Duterte was born in year 1945 on March 28 and now a terrorist attack takes place in this city.

According to the local time Philippine of the blast take place at sharp 9:00 PM this is the time when most of the residents of Davao comes in the market for dinner and shopping as well as the students of University are also wandering about in the market in form of groups.

The exact location of blast where the terrorist blow him up in the central location where the famous Marco Polo Hotel, SM Lanang Premier Shopping mall and the central University of Philippine are the buildings which are under the radius of blast.

These three places are most crowded places of the market at that time and in the result of this suicide bomb attack 14 people are killed on the spot other more than 60 people are injured badly among these 60 wounded people only 30 are taken to the hospital and according to the report of doctor the condition of 7 wounded people is critical and there is no chance that 3 of them can survive their injuries.

Till now the investigation is still continued and no report is given by the investigating team on the other side not even a single terrorist organization have accepted the responsibility of this attack.