Picture of Deepika Padukone with Vin Diesel’s Daughter Pauline at Vin Diesel Residence


Deepika Padukone is enjoying the Hollywood life with the one of greatest hero and outlaw of Hollywood films Vin Diesel. Few days later Vin Diesel took Deepika Padukone on his residence there Deepika Padukone meets Vin Diesel’s daughter Pauline.

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Deepika Padukone specially invited by Vin Diesel on his residence because Vin Diesel wants to introduce Deepika Padukone with his daughter. In these pictures Deepika Padukone is caring Pauline and playing with her and this awesome moment is caught by Vin Diesel in a camera in the form of selfie.

Deepika Padukone is now on the peak of success as she gives three big block buster Bollywood movies this year enjoying her life with a very loving boy friend Ranveer Sing and now she is doing her first Hollywood debut with Vin Diesel in XXX Return of Xander Cage.

Deepika Padukone lucky charm is very supporting her as well as all the things are going in her favor till very few pictures are released from XXX Return of Xander Cage in this movie Vin Diesel is performing the same character which he plays in XXX but this time the dose of action is going to be double.

As XXX Return of Xander Cage is the 3rd series of film XXX first XXX was released in 2002 this film is very famous and everybody loves the concept than XXX 2 came but this is not so successful this film is considered to be a film of medium level but now the is dragging back Vin Diesel for this role this time done the same job for government but the suspense is that how he performs his duty.

Deepika Padukone calls Vin Diesel teddy bear as he behind all these muscled and tattoos there is a very kind humble and loving exists inside Vin Diesel.

From the last 12 years Vin Diesel is part of Fast and Furious series but this time after 12 years he is coming in a new form.