PM Nawaz Sharif Explore Options To Clear Probe On Him From Panama Paper


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has vowed to clear his three children from accusations of money laundering and tax evasion that explodes by Panama Paper which has brought Prime Minister and his three children under scanner.


Following the Panama Paper reveals many names of powerful authorities including the name of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his three children, Panama Paper mentioned to have the offshore shell companies but after PM’s medical treatment from London he came back to Pakistan as he vowed to clear his or his family from allegations.

A news channel DAWN reported that PM Nawaz Sharif has to no mood to waste his or public time, whether it is through the judicial commission he had announced earlier this month, or some other forum: the government intends to complete the task sooner rather than later. The government intends to complete the task sooner rather than later.

PM Nawaz Sharif was under the immense pressure of to quit over the unfolded Panama Paper scandal that mentioned his two son’s names Hussain and Hassan along with a daughter Maryam, PM had promised to establish a special judicial commission that will be headed by former retired Judges of Supreme Court to handle the issue Panama Paper before going to London for medical treatment.

Quarter close to PM also told to national daily, if agreement can’t be reached with opposition parties after the formation of judicial commission then the option of joint Parliamentary committee that was suggested by PPP could also be utilized. According to media wing, PM Nawaz Sharif spent a day with his family after his return from London.

The 66-years old Prime Minister criticized by Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaaf chief Imran Khan as he wants to undertake his government.