PM Nawaz Sharif Meets World Leader And Asks US To Resolve Issues With India About Kashmir


Prime Minister meets with the leader of the world to highlight all the issues with neighboring country India including Indian atrocities in occupying Kashmir land so He also asks US to resolve all these issues with them.


Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif put all his efforts to meet with all the leader of the world on Monday, he also wrote letter to them to resolve all their issues with neighboring countries more important with India on the necessary issue of occupying Kashmir by the forces of India so He also ask United States Authority to resolve these issues between Islamabad and New Delhi.

He further explained that due to the issue of Kashmir climate of this continent South Asia is not going well but highly agitated so there are also healthy chances of war between these two nuclear power countries if situation will be same as.

So He said that he has great expectations from leader of world power and also from United States that they will pay their great attentions on this issue by good of their offices and authority.

He also told that Pakistan always wants much peace, prosperity and also stability in neighboring countries.

He said that I still remembered that president Clinton promised to play their role in dispute between Pakistan and India due to the international issue of Kashmir as He remind John Kerry about this Promise.

He also explained that more than 100 people are killed with thousands of people are still injured in cold blooded war in Kashmir so in these people several lost their eyes and many are paralyzed for the rest of life as this because Indians used pellet guns in this dispute on innocent people.

Prime Nawaz Sharif said all this in the 71st session of New York Assembly Session and meet with many Prime Minister of Different countries including New Zealand, England and Saudi Crown Prince.