Poldark Rape Scene Against Women’s Will Sparks Controversy


An apparent rape scene in Poldark has been criticized by prominent television screenwriters for portraying non-consensual sex scene as forcing the women to have sex against her own will isn’t romantic, it’s clearly a rape.


Television viewers has been complained about the Sunday Night episode while the Media watchdog confirmed that they had received total of 7 complaints so far for following Sunday night episode of Poldark.

However, reportedly BBC itself conducted 17 complaints for rape scene, some television screen writer termed as romantic but according to modern standard forcing women to have sex against her own will is clearly counted in the rape zone and it can’t be considered as romantic scene.

The sparkling of Poldark rape scene depicts general public and politician alike are deeply confused about the sexual violence as the global events and social media has made it clear.

Couple of months back, much fanfare has revealed the Mammoth Screen decided to cut a very offensive and shocking rape scene in story-line in the next series of Poldark but no one relied on this news.

The storyline of Sunday’s night Poldark episode has kept resemblance with August news of story-line, in this episode Aidan Turner who played Ross Poldark ignores the repeated cries of “no” from his ex Heida Reed who played role of Elizabeth, throws her down on bed as well as pins her down before having sex.

The Ross Poldark kicks the door and demanded Elizabeth to cancel her wedding with his rival George Warleggan, after rebuttal he begun forcefully kissing on her head, after a wee hour of kissing the leading character pushed her on bed and finally raped Elizabeth.

As the sex has done instead of her will so many televisions screen writer complained of rape instead of romance.