Political chief of Australian Intelligence advised politicians to avoid Criticism on Islam


Duncan Lewis DSC, AO, CSC is the present Director-General of Security of the Australian Security Intelligence Organization. He advised politicians to avoid criticism on Islam because it can be harmful for National security.

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The general security offices see that politicians in other countries criticize Islam as everyone can watch on electronic media.  Invasion on Islam or any other religion can harm National security because peoples are very conscious about their religion.

Candidate of president of United States Donald Trump ban Muslims in America which was the big reason that the politicians of other countries criticize on Islam. After Donald’s decisions many negative statements come from politicians of other countries, not only in America peoples of other countries are creating serious difficulties for Muslims.

62-Years-old warn politicians of all countries that it will create big difficulties for National security as they criticize on Islam and Muslims.  He also declares in his statement that if you have some problem with Islam then mention it politely but over react can be dangerous for everyone.

Another personality from Australian politicians Julie Bishop MP giver her statement in the favor of Duncan Lewis, she said counter statements also effect counter operations.

The ASIO director general of security said that the security situation becoming complex day by day. All countries are not safe with terrorists’ attacks, so such statements can create serious difficulties for security and national security will also be affected.

It’s not only the matter of one country; all of us should be united to fight against terrorists and avoid such statement not only for Islam also for other religions. Australia government contributing for the piece in and to save National Security, Washington’s also wanted to involve supporting Australia.