Poonam Pandey Playing Rock Paper Scissor, With New Punishment of Boobs Hitting by Winner


Poonam Pandey who is famous for her bold and sex looks she is the queen of controversy this time she uploaded a video of her along with her friend while playing rock paper scissor game in a very interesting manner.


The online sensation who is master in dropping the jaws downs of her fans by her hot gifs and sensational videos this time Bollywood sexy avatar Poonam Pandey is playing a very boring game rock paper scissor in a very interesting manner might be this is for the first time that anybody have played this game in such interesting manner.

Poonam Pandey is standing in front of a swimming pool wearing a hot Bikini dress along with her foreigner friend who is also dressed up in Bikini these both hot girls spreading hotness all over by showing their hot figures in front of cold pool.

In this video Diva of Hotness Poonam Pandey is playing rock paper scissor in a manner that loser is awarded by a slap on sexy boobs this new installment in the game make its very interesting this video shows that Poonam Pandey is not expert in the game as her sexy milky boobs are hit many times by that foreigner friend to show Poonam that she is not a good player her friend lifted the boobs of Poonam twice.

This video of Poonam Pandey becomes a viral sensation on social media as this sexy boobs playing game is shared by this queen ho hotness on her twitter account with a tweet

Poonam Pandey previously uploaded many videos and picture that will pop out your eyes she is part of headlines just like Indian Cricket team just because of her these sexy avatars.