Pope Francis Says World After Several Attacks is in State of War


Pope Francis openly said that the world is now is in state of war there is nothing else the attack in European countries are the applications to represent that war is started.


Pope Frances now the 226th and the present father of the Catholic Church of Rome it is an honor for Pope Frances that he is chosen by the authorities to handle the matters of Rome Catholic Church in his early life is a Chemist Technologist and a Night Club Bouncer after that he started studied seminary and join the priest line.

Pope Frances while going to Poland journalist along with him asked him to give his views and comments about the latest terrorist attack in France Pope said that there is only one word to describe the whole situation is war.

Mow in the present era the is in type of war all these attacks in European countries represents that the war is started but this is not the war on religious level Pope said that I am also a priest I know that every religion in the word want peace there is no such religion exist in the world which promotes war.

This is the war for materialist interest everyone wants money piece of land this is everyone’s desire to concur the world and this represents the religion is present in the world but the peace is not here that’s why this whole situation is taking place.

Further he includes that the murder of Father James in France who is serving a local Catholic Church from years and the attack on Nice represents that the peace is missing that’s why no one bears a smile on other’s face. Everybody has to unite and speaks the truth this is not the issue of security the correct word is War.