Powerful Car Bomb Blast In China Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, 1 Person Killed 3 Injured


BISHKEK: on Tuesday a suicide car bomb blast takes place in China Embassy situated at Kyrgyzstan a country of Asia in result of this attack 1 man is died and other three are injured.


On a bright morning of Tuesday in Bishkek a suicide car bomb entered into the Embassy of China by smashing the gate of this embassy and blast the car the driver of car is dead and 3 other people are injured the all three injured people are security guards of this embassy.

In this way only 1 person is dead in the result of this blast and that was the driver of suicide car bomb and three security guards are injured as a hole after this blast all these injured persons are taken to the nearest hospital and according to the report of doctor not even a single person is in serious condition as these guards can recover their injuries with the passage of time.

Till now the investigation process is on the line and the latest report about this blast given by the police of Bishkek is that the car used in this blast is Mitsubishi Delica and a kit for controlling the bomb is fixed in the car so there is a chance that this attack is done by an organization of terrorists.

Till now not even a local or international terrorist group accepts the responsibility of this attack but the intelligence forces of Kyrgyzstan are putting blame of this attack on Diash the world biggest terrorist group and this group is responsible for many terrorist activates all over the world.

This is not for the first time that Chinese are targeted in this country in year 2000 a terrorist group of China Uighur minority attack on Chinese live in Kyrgyzstan.