Powerful Cyclone Attacks Remote Fiji Islands, Leftover 41 Dead


A powerful cyclone hit Fiji Island, a country in the South Pacific on Wednesday, in the result death toll rises 42, though considering huge devastation, international aid agencies and Fijian government have started delivering most-wanted aid to help the victims.


According to latest reports, death toll has been rising since the deadliest Cyclone Winston wrapped Fiji reportedly late hours on Saturday.

However, the victimized location is home of nearly 900,000 people whereas the authorities have been restored its communication belonging to the outer sides of the archipelago.

The victims have been moving to shelters since powerful cyclone hit the Fiji Island including villages because they all have lost their homes sweet homes.

Although the residents turned wreckage by the most powerful storm which suddenly turned a Pacific nation alongside the heavy winds and flooding.

If reports are to be believed the International Red Cross team has landed at the outer island of Koro (seventh-largest of Fiji’s 300 islands) on Tuesday evening by a ship to provide the required aid to victims.

On the other hand, a spokesperson for Care Australia in Fiji’s capital Suva, Dylan Quinnell told media reporters that it is hard to announce the powerful cyclone left how many jetties wreckage on the outer islands but the rescue teams from other organizations have been carrying aid to deliver to people.

While considering huge destruction Fiji Island, New Zealand and Australia both have determined to deploy helicopters to reach other locations where the deadliest storm also destroyed so many residences.

Julie Bishop, Australian Foreign Minister explained media that two P3 Orion surveillance aircraft have been sent to a Pacific nation where the planes will be assessing how much devastation occurred by the one of the most dangerous storms on outer sides of the island.