President Of The Philippines Rodrigo Duterte Called Barack Obama Son Of A B****


Rodrigo Duterte the President of the Philippines gives open warning to 44th President of United States that he has no right to ask questions to Filipino President further he said that Barack Obama Son of a b****, I will swear at you.


These harsh words came out from the mouth of President of the Philippines during a run of summit in Laos and according to the schedule it is confirmed by the Washington that Barack Obama will meet with Filipino President on 06 September 2016 at summit in Laos.

On the other side there are bright chances that Barack Obama is going to raise some questions against Rodrigo Duterte and the most important issue raised by the President of United States is the extrajudicial killing on Drugs matter and this thing is not liked by President of the Philippines.

So Rodrigo Duterte addresses Barack Obama and said that he has no right to ask questions from him especially on the matter of extrajudicial killing of Philippines public on drug cases as Rodrigo Duterte is the president of this whole state and he defiantly knows that what is better for his state and what is harmful for his state while talking all these things he call Barack Obama Son of a b****, and further he completed his statement by saying this that I will swear at you.

The basic issue behind all this matter is that President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte come in power at May by getting the maximum public votes now this Filipino President has started a crackdown against the drug addicted, Drug Sellers as well as Drugs makers and the result of this crackdown is that 2,400 men are dead according to the latest report.

And the Human Right Organizations are making questions on this extrajudicial killing and the reply of Rodrigo Duterte is that don’t see the number of Dead People see the matter or issue behind this killing.