Presidential Debate Between Hillary Clinton Vs Donald Trump Breaks All Tv Records


The Presidential debate between Presidential front runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump attracted record breaking average viewers of 84 million, with 84 million viewers the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton become the most watched debate in the history.


The Republican presidential rivals Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton become face to face in a presidential debate at Hofstra University on 26th September 2016, here is a point whatever the result of United States Election either Trump won or Hillary become the President of US, the American peoples has realized the rivals debate would be the historical debate ever.

The first stand-off the Republican Presidential nominees has attracted the record breaking audience and made the debate a record breaking one ever in the history.

The 98-minutes running debate has reportedly break down the 36 years old records of watching debate of TV shows, The Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter’s debate records 80.6 million viewers 36 years back but the Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton’s debate has attracted around 84 million viewers in few days.

The surprising thing is that the record breaking figure has only counted from 13 United States Television channels including CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC, Telemundo, Azteca, Univision, CNN, PBS, Fox Business Network, Fox News, CNBC, and MSNBC which means the exact figure is much higher that the recorded figure.

There are those people who watched live streams in bars and Parties as well as the debate also get a higher figure from worldwide countries.

There are two more debates between presidential rivals first held on 9 October 2016 and the second one scheduled to broadcast live on 19 October 2016 before the United States Election date of 8th November.