Prestigious Nobel Prize In Literature Left Bob Dylan “Speechless”


American Song writer Bob Dylan finally accepted his Nobel Prize in Literature on Friday which left him speechless when he learns he become the first musician with Nobel Prize in Literature.


U.S songwriter and Singer Bob Dylan has broken his silence when he honored with prestigious Nobel Prize in Literature as he earlier announced on 13th October to get the Nobel Prize on Particular day of 28th October.

He become the happiest person in United State when he learned, he has become the first ever musician who awarded with Nobel Prize in Literature.

Bob Dylan notified about his win two weeks ago, he was first appreciated earlier this month but it was unclear whether the musician will attend the ceremony to collect his best ever prize.

The 75-years old musician Bob Dylan has been honored for creating new poetic expression within the great United States song tradition.

He controversially grabbed his Nobel Prize in Literature two weeks ago but when his name announced on stage and he stepped forward to collect it, he was unable to say anything as his win has made him “speechless”.

The news about the honor made him speechless even he had not respond to any of phone call from academy, rather than to spread it like wildfire he kept it as secret and not utter a single word in public about her award, he told to paper about her incredible award and said, “It’s hard to believe.”

The 75-years old American singer and song writer Bob Dylan Lyrics incorporated with a wide range of social, political and full of literary influences.

Bob was initially inspired by Little Richard, Robert Johnson, Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams performances, he published six books of paintings and drawing and his books had been exhibited in different major galleries.