Prime Minister David Cameron Received A Gift Of £200,000 From His Mother


The Prime Minister David Cameron released his financial record in front of investigation officer after the attempt to refuse, PM David Cameron name listed in Panama leaks that has shaken the whole globe powerful personalities.


PM David Cameron who had published his detail regarding personal finance that was mentioned by his late father name in Panama Leak Document, but after some attempts to refuse his financial owns he revealed his financial statement in front to the public.

Public were angry on him because he mislead his peoples about his financial conditions such revelation demand his resignation from his Prime Minister responsibilities.

After the whole facts, a new fact is revealed that the Mother of Prime Minister David Cameron “Mary Cameron” gifted him in 2011 with £200,000, earlier this fact Prime Minister David Cameron received also an amount of £200,000 from his late father in Inheritance in year 2010 after his father’s death.

May Cameron have made certain transaction of different amounts in 2011 but she never paid tax on transaction as well as it will be legally responsible for inheritance tax at rate of forty percent only if she died within seven years.

Prime Minister earned around £90,000 pounds rent from the house in London, before his entering in Downing Street he sold shares that had the worth of £72,000 pounds.

Although the Prime Minister released his financial details, he used to say that he had paid £76,000 tax on £200,000 in year 2010 and used a tax free allowance of worth £20,000 but he stopped profess last year.

According to a document summary, PM David Cameron earned around 1.1 million and paid £400,000 as income tax in recently past six years, but in last year he earned the half of six month income tax only in one year around £200,000 and paid £76,000 tax.