Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Orders Judicial Probe Into Panama Paper Allegations Against His Family


ISLAMABAD: PM Nawaz Sharif ordered for Judicial Inquiry Panama Paper leaks 11.5 million tax offshore Documents that reveal owner ship of the offshore Assets of PM Sharif’s Family.


After Imran khan statement for lunched Investigation against Mariam Sharif, Hassan Sharif and Hussain Sharif for the ownership of offshore companies allegation but Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif refused to have such type of offshore allegation that was a massive leak from a Law firm about 11.5 million taxes.

According to the record Sharif’s family have their real estate in London that was administered by offshore company Mossack Fonseca.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif order Judiciary inquiry against his family that was headed by a former Judge for the wrongdoing if any. “Politically-motivated allegations” against the Sharif family.

“I want the nation to decide for itself the reality behind these allegations, which have been leveled for the last 25 years,” Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that he compelled to response.

He also added that he understood the motive behind these allegation but he did not want to waste his energy on such baseless allegations, in s statement he said, “ I never mixed my family business with the Politics.”

Sources reported that first early Wednesday meeting will had been headed by Interior Ministry, it was supposed that Chaudhry Nisar address with conference announced by Judicial Commission in Islamabad but it come to see Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif himself opposed by saying it is was the matter of My children so I can tackle it own.

Prime Minister Explain about its family business, his father started working 25 year before the creation of Pakistan in Lahore when Pakistan show on the map of globe in 1947, Ittefaq Foundries was the eminent name .