Priyanka Chopra Missing! Dwayne Johnson Shared Recently “Baywatch” First Look On Social Media


Dwayne Johnson click and posted a Baywatch squad first highly awaited flick, that will be the dabue of Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra In Industry of Hollywood but she is not in the picture.


American Canadian actor Dwayne Johnson known as a ring name “The Rock”, considered the biggest retired super star wrestler in WWE started his television career from a TV show, awarded with the Academy Award for Best Visual Effect in 2008.

Bay watch is an American action drama series that is about the Los Angles Country lifeguards, this show was concealed after the first season of NBC, from 1990-91 this show have to production that time it was known as Baywatch Hawaii.

The Dwayne Johnson who is 43 years old shares the squad first look on a social networking website Twitter with the status, “The exclusive first look: our entire squad of Baywatch Yes we bad ass, we All day save lives, we Epically have a dysfunctional family, We work and play hard. Get ready on 19 May.”

The Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra gained the popularity through all over the world by acting, a little bit with singing and as a producer, she awarded in 2000 with the Miss World Pageant and one of the high profile highest paid actress in the industry of Bollywood.

After her last movie Bajirao Mastani, she is missing and starts her dabue through Baywatch and the lady is excited about film based on TV series.

In Baywatch, Priyanka leads the role of a badass villain named as Victoria Leads. Team Bay watch shares another tweet in which they missing Priyanka by saying: “Hy Priyanka and Belidapop, hurry up! the picture boy is waiting for you on the Baywatch set.”