Prosecutors Charged Former Brazil President Silva In Money Laundering Investigation


Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva got shocked when state prosecutors filed accusations against him in a money laundering investigation by putting further inquiry on homeland political personality, who is being hounded by corruption charges.


The prosecutors from Sao Paulo state started accused its former president of hiding the seafront penthouse’s ownership in the city of Guaruja.

However, the former Brazil president has refused the allegations regarding having ownership of the apartment secretly that links to construction company OAS.

Silva was asked previous week about his residence which forcefully entered in investigation while OAS Company is one of the main targets of a parallel federal fraud probe which concentrates on state-run oil giant Petrobras.

State prosecutors filed charges against Silva on Wednesday, while the ex-president of Brazil still needs to be accepted by a judge.

Nevertheless, once-immensely famous former Brazilian president described in his statement that the Sao Paulo state investigators on him are not impartial but they have no right to carry out the probe against him.

Silva also added the allegations which was filed against him by Sao Paulo’s Attorney General’s Office are baseless even since was published on January 22, 2016 in the magazine Veja.

On the other side, investigators have held a press conference on Thursday, whereas federal investigators explained previous week they have been planning about renewal procedure at the Guaruja beachfront residence as well another project which is being used ex-president.

These both residences were being modernized at heaviest cost by construction companies those had signed an agreements for decades with the federal government.

While the former president has confessed visiting the penthouse more than one time but refused the reports owning the apartment building although these construction companies are also at the center of the $2 billion Petrobras scandal.