Prosecutors to Launch Investigation, World’s Richest Refused ‘Panama Papers’ Links


The governments have launched probe over the wealthy and influential people’s financial wrongdoings in wake of a leak of four decades of documents by a Panamanian law company which works to assess setting up offshore companies.


Nonetheless, disclosure by the “Panama Papers” regarding politicians across world’s financial arrangements as well some wealthiest figures as well as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s friends and United Kingdom’s prime ministers’ relatives, senior figures from Iceland and Pakistan and the president of Ukraine all also part of the high level corruption.

These renowned politicians and other rich figures across the world holding money in offshore companies which considered totally illegal or violation of laws of any country, while after receiving the leaked documents by Panama Papers, journalists from other countries have started work to find out the proofs of wealth hidden for tax evasion, sanctions busting, drug deals, money laundering, as well as other offenses.

Mossack Fonseca & Co., the law firm who has claimed to collect documents up to 240,000 offshore companies for clients all over the world but these all celebrities have declined any wrongdoing by declaring themselves the victims of a campaign against privacy.

It was explained in Mossack Fonseca statement published its website on Monday, explained they just revealed documents to unveil wrongdoing of the wealthy and rich figures across the world but media trying to misrepresent the nature of their job.

They also revealed their company earn apart from the professional fees and don’t want possession or custody of clients’ money. Journalists also attempting to figure out evidences or who much reality Panama Papers leaks have.

Top figures from the leaks of Panama Papers have reacted firm denying but regulators and prosecutors have started assessment of the reports from the inquiry by the U.S.-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).