Protest Movement In Kashmir Getting Worse, Curfew Applied In Kashmir, 23 Civilians Killed


After the murder report of freedom movement leader Burhan Wani at Kashmir the protest movement is started at July 08 2016 and till now that protest movement is still carrying on and Indian army is trying to stop the movement but failed badly in result of this violence is spread everywhere in Kashmir in result of this violence 23 people are killed.


On July 08 2016 after the death of Burhan Wani the other leaders of freedom movement in Kashmir calls for protest and all the followers of this movement comes out on roads and become violent that how dare Indian Army to kill their leader.

In the beginning Indian army don’t charge on the civilians doing protest but after some time when situation started slipping from the hands or army than army become violent and charge on the civilians and use the extreme level of smoke shells due to this shelling many people got injured and some are till now suffering from different medical issues.

After all that army opens its fire on the civilians till now 3 days had passed and protest is still going on in result of this violence 23 have lost their lives and India is sending more units of army to stop the protest but failed.

Till now the situation is that in Kashmir the government of Kashmir is fallen down by army of India and curfew is applied in Kashmir but the protest members are not caring about this and continuing their violence movement.

Now the situation in Kashmir is very worst all the mobile services are off in Kashmir as well as internet service is also off it Kashmir so now Kashmir is in the situation of Emergency reported by human health organization at Kashmir till now there is no exact figure that how many people are injured in this protest or emergency situation.