Qandeel Baloch Admits She Is Wife Of Ashiq Hussain And Mother Of A Child


Internet scandal queen Qandeel Baloch later this week admits that she married with Ashiq Hussain in 2008 and she is mother of a six years child after the media appearance of Ashiq Hussain.


In an interview Qandeel Baloch said that she don’t want to marry Ashiq Hussain but her mother and father force fully married her with Ashiq Hussain against her will at the age of 18 years further added that Ashiq Hussain was a very cruel husband his attitude with Qandeel Baloch is just like that he treats her as an animal.

In the interview Qandeel Baloch puts limelight on the issues faced by her in married life, said that after few days of marriage she requested to Ashiq Hussain that she don’t want to live in this small village and wants to make her name in front of the world in positive means, also wants to study further which is not possible by staying in this small town.

Qandeel Baloch during interview starts crying when she told that Ashiq Hussain beat her like an animal on daily basis he don’t allows Qandeel Baloch to meet with her brothers and banned to visit neighborhood at that time she is spending the life of a prisoner.

On the other side Ashiq Hussain said that his marriage with Qandeel Baloch was a love marriage he also has love letters which are written by Qandeel Baloch to Aashiq Hussain he tried his level best to full fill the needs of Qandeel Baloch but she demands for a luxurious car a big house in which she rules like a princess and these all things are out of range for Ashiq Hussain as he is a normal farmer.

He further told to media that real name of Qandeel Baloch is Fouzia Azeem, now the mystery is that whose statement is correct and whose statement is wrong.