Rebels Attack on Turkish Military Base, 35 Rebels Killed, 8 Soldiers Killed, 25 Injured


ANKARA: Another fighting secession takes place between the rebels and Turkish Military Troops this time again rebels attack on one of the military base of Turkey which is situated in the province Hakkari on Saturday in result of this attack 8 Military Soldiers and 35 rebels have lost their lives.


Till now the moment of rebellion is not finished in Turkey rebels are trying their level hard to beat the Turkish forces but very time Turkish Forces Fight well and defeat the rebels this time again rebels secretly attack on a military base.

This a very surprising moment for the military forces as the attack done in the morning when the shifts if soldiers are changing at that moment rebels attack and open their fires blindly on the Turkish Military Troops but Turkish Soldiers replied these rebels well and kill the 27 rebels.

In this surprised fighting secession along with 27 rebels 8 Military Soldiers are also killed including these dead soldiers other 25 soldiers are also injured in these injured soldiers condition of 6 soldiers is critical and there is no chance that 2 of these critically injured soldiers can survive.

Rebels attack on the base in a much planned way the attack was done from three sides as 3 groups entered in to the base but they are unable to take charge over the base.

After this attack Military Troops starred operation in air and started searching the other rebels to find and kill them all in the result of this search operation 8 rebels are killed in air strikes successful.

This is not a small win over rebels till now the situation in Turkey is that they are not in the condition to face any sort of attack but rebellions are continuing attacking on the military units.