Rebels Shoot Down Second Syrian Jet In A Month


The second Syrian Warplane shoot down by rebels in less than a month after on Tuesday, the warplane pilot captured from near the area Aleppo where the heavy fighting erupted recent days.


Syrian Civil war started in the spring of 2011, it is and ongoing multi-sided civil war against the international investigation that taking place in Syria due to the conflict between dominated government forces Alawite, militants and other Shia’s Groups which are fighting against the dominated rebel group Sunni but the both force as well as the government denied form this statement.

According to the Syrian army second warplane shot down with anti aircraft missile that was alike same, in March same type of anti craft missile shoot down in Western Syria.

these kind of missile are demanded by Foreign Backed Rebels against the Ariel aide while the rebels said that warplane shooting down with anti craft guns, the backer that include Sunni as well as Western Muslims regional state failed into the hands of hard-line groups.

Syrian military confirmed the crash of the jet after being hit by the surface to the missile that on a reconnaissance mission, but he pilot is survived and rescues tried their best to rescue him, Military said.

The aircraft crashed on Tuesday in south of Aleppo in Talat al-Iss highland, the area where Al Qaeda insurgents have come, the heavy bombardment by Russian and Syrian warplanes, these war plane since capturing now a days.

Last month in March, rebels shoot down first Syrian Jet in Hama in western Province of Syria, when Russian ministry reported that they use anti craft missile that was already discussed upper, According to sources: the rebels group uses two heat seeking missile when they shoot down first warplane.