Referendum Of The United Kingdom’s Membership Of The European Union


The European Union Referendum polling takes place on Thursday 24 June 2016 at United Kingdom. According to an estimate 4 crore and 64 lac people are going to take part in this polling.


Before 4 months the campaign is going that British will be the part of European Union or not as British its self don’t wants to be the part of European Union anymore because European Union is teasing the Britain very harshly European Union also wants to change the currency of Britain.

When Britain decides to leave the European Union than Sadiq Khan teams up with Donald j. Trump to force Britain not to leave the European Union if Britain leaves the European Union than economy of London will be disturbed badly as the main sea port is in Britain through which all the trade of London takes place.

Further there are many issues after all that this was decided that voting is done on June 24, 2016 after four months Britain and European Union both have time to convince people according to their motto’s.

The time of polling for referendum is 7 am to 10 pm in this duration it is responsibility of every citizen to and uses its precious vote because every vote is important.

When the voting was done all the ballet boxes are send to different 382 centers where all the votes will be counted and result will be announce on the basic of this counting.

In these 382 centers 380 are in England Wales Scotland and other two are in Gibraltar and in North Ireland

As polling is starts but the weather condition is not well in London from Wednesday there is thunder storm in London a London as 40 mm rain falls in just 1 hour most of the London highways and streets are closed due to flood, fire fighters have received more than 350 emergency calls. Rain is still going on.