Resignation Of Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk Paving The Way For New Government


In live television broadcasting Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseny Yatseniuk tendered his resignation because he promised the public to end the corruption as well as to recover the economy since he took charge.


Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk resigned from his post, the reason behind his resignation is that after assuming power he promises the whole public of Ukraine to recover the economy of the country and also guarantee the people to end the corruption from its roots but he failed.

His departure from the government push down the obstacle of formation of a new government, he resisted to give the resignation because of the reason that the public of Ukraine has no confidence on him.

The political crises had fractured the ruling coalition and there have one more reason for the resignation that the delayed In disbursement of aid under the bailout program of International Monetary Fund around $17.5 billion.

The resignation of the Prime Minister paves the way for new political parties who vowed to oppose the austerity measures that required under the program of IMF.

As Ukraine is in desperate financial condition, the reason given for financial problems were the mismanagement of government, movement of no confidence had been presented against the Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko advised the Ukraine’s Prime Minister to resign, as the results of recent survey the Prime Minister had only one percent population.

On the other hand, after the resignation of Prime Minister Ukraine’s Parliament Speaker announce as Caretaker Prime Minister.

He also said in a statement, ‘The political crisis in the country was created artificially. The desire to change one person blinded politicians and paralyzed their political will for real change. The process of changing the government turned into a mindless running in place,’