Results of Bank Stress Test 2016, Scotland Bank, Monte dei Paschi, Allied Irish Bank greatest Losers


Results of Bank Stress Tests of 2016 are out and these test results are very shocking as the banks of England are one of the most unsecured banks and one of the greatest losers of Bank Stress Test in 2016.


The situation of present era is that the Banks of European Union are one of the greatest losers as the economy of European is one of the world strongest economies but this stress test opens the eyes of Union.

According to the report of test the Royal Bank of Scotland is one of the biggest losers of 2016 this year stress test is taken out by the European Banking authorities which is based in London and before the results are out Europeans are very confident that they maintain their banks on yearly base and these is no chance that they are going to lose this test.

And the results are that Royal bank of Scotland is on the third number of greatest losers among the 51 banks as according to the figures Royal Bank of Scotland’s ratio is 8.08 percent and this percentage is far behind from 9.2 percent.

which is the average percentage of that area this bank is proud to be one of the below of average banks so the security level in this bank is below the safety line.

But what so ever this bank is better than the Monte dei Paschi which is situated in Italy this bank is one of the greatest bank and the world oldest bank in the history the ratio of this bank is -2.4 percent as this bank is totally below the safety belt.

now European has two ways one is to make this bank safe or close this bank and Allied Irish Bank is on the second number of greatest losers of bank stress test.