Review Movie Finding Dory: Introduction Finding Dory, Link Of Finding Dory With Finding Nemo


Finding Dory is upcoming movie in 2016 of Walt Disney Picture this movie is full of adventure and craziness. This computer 3D film is produced by Pixar Animation Studio and directed by Angus MacLane, Angus MacLane is also writer of Finding Dory.


This film is a sequel series of Finding Nemo in Finding Nemo the whole story revolves around that orange clown fish named as Nemo in Finding Nemo this orange clown fish was caught by fish catchers and Dory along her friends rescue Nemo and bring her back to the ocean.

This time Dory which is that blue tang fish is going to be rescued by Nemo along her fellows. Dory has a short term memory loss and she wants to meet her family.

In the starting of the film there is a great view of that previous ocean which was used in Finding Nemo now in Finding Dory this blue tang fish have dreams that she is with her parents in an aquarium while sleeping when she saw this dream this she started swimming and every time Nemo go and get Dory back.

After all that Dory gathered all his friends and told them about his dream and insisted his friends to help him after that when nobody show interest Dory went alone towards the marine institute at California as Dory have flash backs of that time which she spends with her family.

There is a great adventure in this movie as Dory has short terms memory losses. After all that suffering from great troubles she reaches to that marine institute of California.

There she meets with an octopus named Hank the unique this about this octopus is that this octopus is seven legged. Here Dory is searching for his family there on the other side Nemo with his father is in search of Dory.

There is a great fun entertainment and suspense is provided to the public with fabulous graphics and 3D animation.