Review of Block Buster Sultan Movie, Message Given in Sultan


Salman Khan film Sultan really shake the cinema this year Sultan is a unique film of its own type this film is a cocktail of drama emotion romance patriotism and most important sportsman ship.


There is a message delivered by this film that nobody can beats you until you don’t quits if you struggles hard than there is nothing in the world which can beats you and stops you in the way of making your dreams reality.

Sultan is a Desi Indian wrestling based film this film is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar in this film Ali Abbas Zafar shows the reality of life in a dramatic way and teaches everybody a lesson of life by making desi wrestling a base or platform to sends his message that struggles hard to full fill your dreams and achieve your goals but in this journey don’t forget those people whose lives attached with your lives.

In the starting of the film Salman is just an ornery villager who is owner of a dish cable connection shop his hobbies are just like other villagers he loves to catch the flying kites and enjoying his live in a great pleasure than Sultan saw Arfa fighting and become a fan of Arfa Sultan decided to marry Arfa but Arfa wants to marry desi wrestler.

In this way Sultan started his wrestling career to impress Arfa than in his journey of desi wrestling he becomes state champion than Indian Champion latter on Asian Champion than moves toward the Olympic Games and wins a gold medal further on he becomes the world greatest fighter.

In this journey of winning championships Sultan lost his family he become a broken person and left the wrestling field than Aakash appears and motivate Sultan to fight in Pro Wrestling and then Sultan again start his career of fighting than in this way he becomes the MMA champion and wins both Arfa and MMA title.