Review Of Forza 3 horizon A New Visual Benchmark For Xbox One, Race At Your Own Speed


Amazing speed series Forza Horizon 3 sends a series of amazing cross country trip towards Australia which is as much interesting and enjoyable as previous version of this series Horizon 2, doing its best by completing 187 miles per hour.

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Horizon series is another best racing video game as company decided to release new version of this series which is named as Forza Horizon 3, as game is developed by Playground games, published mainly for Xbox and Microsoft Windows, Forza Horizon is upper version of Horizon 2.

This high speed games needs no road because car in this game has speed more than 187 miles per hour on the road of Australia as this will give an opportunities to all its lover and driving lovers to run car with speed of their own interest.

First version of this series was launched by Microsoft in 2012 and after this; it is going with its best success, so this has done an amazing job to fulfill the left line up of Xbox.

So lover so this game are excited waiting for this high speed racing game because it offer to alter speed at any round of game so this is model of great driving because attention of this game is meticulous in all areas but according to reports that real star of this game is its trip towards Australia.

There are many improvement, changes and addition made in this game but it all depends upon the playing style of the player because he is only who finds some difference in these changes.

Horizon Blueprint system is new feature added that allows players to add, upload and create their own challenges, races, choosing route, setting of cars and also messing with the weather as well as time of day but it all expects choice should be fairly limited.