Roman Atwood Net Worth: How Rich is Roman Atwood?


Roman Bernard Atwood who is famously called Roman Atwood, is a YouTube personality who make prank videos which are quite popular among the youth. He has been making prank videos since his high school. He was born in Millersport, Ohio. His videos have garnered 1.39 billion views over the course of his career. His YouTube channel has 9.9 million subscribers. His other channel “RomanAtwoodVlogs” comprises his daily vlogs in which he shows his life with his family. Roman Atwood net worth is $4 million as per recent reports. He was the first YouTuber to make vlogs with the 360 degree camera. He has garnered immense popularity among the youth due to which he has landed sponsorships from multiple brands.


  • Date of Birth: May 28, 1983
  • Age: 33
  • Profession: Comedian, YouTube personality and vlogger
  • Spouse: Brittany
  • Children: 2

Journey to Stardom:

His passion for making videos started in high school where he used to make videos about his daily life. In his initial days, he originated a DVD series by the name “The Nerd Herd”. He sold these DVDs at his Warped Tour in 2006. Before the start of his YouTube career, he started doing commercials and advertisements in Columbus, Ohio. He used to work in his family rope factory “Atwood Rope”. Before his YouTube career, Roman Atwood net worth was pretty decent thanks to his family business. In 2010, he created his YouTube channel “Sketch Empire”. He once filled the living room of his house with 2.5 feet high plastic balls. He made a giant ball pit out of them. This video generated 77.89 million views as of 2016. Nissan noticed this video and used it in their advert in exchange of a 2015 Nissan GTR. Their “WithDad” campaign was featured at Super bowl XLIX for half time. This campaign received best brand campaign in Streamy awards. Roman Atwood net worth got a boost up after the successful campaign. One of his famous prank videos was “Anniversary Prank backfires” and it was posted on November, 2013. It features Roman wishing his girlfriend over their five years anniversary. He pranked his girlfriend that he cheated on her. Immediately, his girlfriend saw the camera and pranked him back that she cheated on him too. His girlfriend said that she thought that he was going to propose her at the end of the video.

Famous pranks:

  • Plastic ball prank
  • Anniversary prank
  • Killing my kid prank
  • Insane toilet paper prank
  • Pee prank on cops
  • Ferrari pee prank

Trivia about Roman Atwood net worth:

  • He married Shanna Riley in 2001 with whom he had a son named Noah Atwood. In 2008, his wife cheated him while on a vacation. When he came to know about this, he filed for a divorce.
  • In 2013, he launched his own merchandise fashion collection called “The Smile More Store”. It features hoodies, bracelets, T-shirts and a lot more. Roman Atwood net worth increased quite a bit since the launch of his store.
  • He collaborated with Yousef Erakat for the tour of Canada, US and UK. The tour was named “Roma vs. Fousey”. They performed various shows in different cities of various countries. The tour proved profitable for Roman Atwood net worth.
  • He along with Vitaly Zdorovetzkiy and Dennis Roady collaborated on a film which was produced by Lionsgate. The film titled “Natural Born Pranksters”. It opened to negative reviews. The film got poor ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb.
  • He once pranked his girlfriend by throwing a mannequin wearing a spiderman costume from the balcony of his house. He said to his girlfriend that it was their youngest son of age 4. She instantly ran to see that it was not their son. She burst into tears and stormed off. She came back after a while saying that you are sleeping on the couch.


  • Won a Streamy Award for his Crazy Plastic ball prank in the Best Brand Campaign in 2015. His prank was used by Nissan in their advert.
  • Won a Shorty Award for Best YouTube Comedian in 2016.
  • Nominated for 6th Streamy awards in the Entertainer of the Year category in 2016.

Personal life:

He currently lives with his girlfriend in his hometown. He has a second child named Kane Atwood from her. On November 2016, he announced that they were expecting their third child. He had faced legal battles as well. In 2015, he pranked by robbing an ATM in public due to which the Columbus Police Department immediately arrested him for creating panic among the public. His fans attended his hearing in the court and protested against his arrest. He won the case on accounts of freedom of speech and expression of art. Roman Atwood net worth is estimated to grow as he is featured in a reality TV prank show which also features Howie and Alex Mandel as well.


He has been incriminated several times of staging his pranks and violating the YouTube policy. His videos have been termed misleading by the company. YouTube star Philip DeFranco accused Atwood and Fousey tube of orchestrating their prank videos in 2015. Another YouTuber named The Prank Reviewer accused Roman of hiring and featuring actors for his prank videos and provide evidence to prove his claim.

Yearly and monthly breakdown of Atwood income:

Yearly earnings                                                                                 $32.3K-$516.4K

Monthly income                                                                               $2.7K-$43K

Roman Atwood’s prank videos are viewed by the audience in large numbers. They like the carefree style of his videos. His fans thoroughly support him whenever he faces criticism by his fellow YouTube stars. He has collaborated with famous YouTube stars, gone on tours with some of them and some brands have featured his videos in their campaigns as well. All this has earned Roman Atwood net worth a great fortune.


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