Russia And India Agree To Sign Energy, Defense And Many Other Deals Of Worth 20$ Billion


Goa, India: Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi agreed to sign billions of dollars deals of defense and energy pacts yesterday following talks expected at reinvigorating ties between the conventional allies.


Russia and India announced of their joint future plans in India by signing energy, helicopter and defense deals between these two cronies and also claimed of tighten their military relationships.

So after meeting, PM India Narender hailed President Putin as his old friend by asking that old friends are always better than new ones.

These deals were signed after the pinnacle talks between these higher authorities of these countries in western resort in Goa State where these was also meeting between the leaders of BRICS group of emerging nations.

According to the officials of Indian Military that these deals of defense including joint endeavor to build at least 200 Kamov helicopters which are most required for the defense of the country and also they want to build defense Industrial base in South Asian countries.

They further claimed that surface to air missile, S-400, which is also in deal, are meant to strengthen the defense of their country necessarily with the borders of Pakistan and China.

Modi described that they have very strong relations with Russian and these deals will help the countries for becoming stronger in field of economics, this also include of India Purchasing art of defense system of Russia as this system is capable of shooting down many kinds of missiles.

But in other matters, India has joined hand with two other major powers including United States and more recently with France rather than that of Russia for their hardware.

The deal of most modern art system of Russian has been pipeline for few years along with building of four frigates and helicopter in India.