Russia-Backed Syrian Military Airstrikes Kill Over 49 in Northwest


Syrian government forces backed by Russia, launched airstrikes on two marketplaces on Tuesday in northwest of country by targeting rebels, in which more than 49 people were killed in province of Latakia where militants have complete hold, source told media.


The series of airstrikes had launched in towns and villages where a partial truce agreement signed between the government and insurgents since 27 February while ceasefire deal has broken in recent weeks.

The Syria’s regime forces backed by Russia, know the Islamist militants have rooted in northwest as their hideouts are in Idlib province which supposed to be close to Latakia, while military targeted a vegetable market in the town of Maarat al-Numan, left more than 39 people dead and wounded dozens, rescue officials told media.

However, between seven and 10 people deaths were reported by the sources in the nearby town of Kafr Nubl.

The main Syrian opposition community the High Negotiations Committee explained in statement the latest air attacks are considered dangerous rise of the five-year clash though the bloc had already delayed its involvement in peace negotiations.

One of the members of the civil defense corps said a number of causalities occurred in latest bombings though all rushed to hospitals close to marketplace.

Nevertheless, 37 people have been killed in Maarat al-Numan and seven in Kafr Nubl, mentioned by the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, monitors the conflict through a network.

Although Syrian army didn’t talk over the Russia-backed airstrikes on marketplaces even state news agency SANA also never announced about the bombings in Idlib province.

Military targeted secrets residences of rebels in Latakia where they have been living for a long time as well hid weapons though on Monday government forces suddenly launched secret operations in which killed and arrested a number of rebels.