Russia to Put More Pressure on Bashar al-Assad, Revealed Western Diplomats


Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be to put more pressure on Bashar al-Assad accepting a power loss being a part of discussions to finish five-year civil war, Western diplomats revealed.


Diplomats confessed against the Vladimir Putin’s decision to withdraw a large number of Russian troops, believe that Russian president trying to realize Bashar al-Assad Moscow’s new-found leverage in Syria putting sustained pressure.

Russian troops have been playing crucial role tackling the militant organizations for last six months though Putin’s sudden announcement regarding withdrawal of Moscow troops, has raised so many questions globally even some disturbance for Syrian authorities.

One of the senior Western diplomats told reporters at the peace meeting in Geneva on Tuesday that Syrian president can form the future constitution but Putin better knows Assad has no choice standing aside at some point hence here comes disruptions.

Russian president helped make stronger Assad’s position in his homeland hence they intended to join talks table closer to a state of equilibrium. Actually Russia wants battle to come to finish even in favor of Assad regime maintaining his power, diplomats believed.

On the other hand, the US secretary of state, John Kerry to fly to Moscow coming week to discuss to the Putin regarding his move toward to political transition in Syria.

Nevertheless, Moscow has sent a distinguished academic, Vitaly Naumkin to guide United Nations in peace negotiations which held in Geneva, who said no one can win war even it could travel worst side hence compromise is the only key.

Western diplomats released their statement considering the discussions even large part of Russian troops started to move back home on Tuesday though it doesn’t mean the fighters jets will be moving back home even they will be attacking the militants’ hideouts in support of Syrian regime and its security forces.