Russian And Syrian Forces Calls For Humanitarian Pause In Syrian City “Aleppo”


The warplanes of Syria and Russia halted their all airstrikes on Syrian City “Aleppo” as Russian forces calls for a humanitarian pause for eight hours to allow civilians and rebels to leave the city, The Russian Defense Ministry revealed on Tuesday.


The Russian State media has reported, the all airstrikes by Russian and Syrian forces have been stopped on Tuesday for the humanitarian pause in war which allows rebels and civilians to leave the besieged Aleppo City.

The decision of stopping all airstrikes by Russian and Syrian Forces was made by a senior Russian military officer Sergei Shoigu on Monday, “We have taken a decision not to waste time and to introduce ‘humanitarian pauses’, mainly for the free passage of civilians, evacuation of the sick and wounded and withdrawal of fighters.”

The Moscow declared the operation in Aleppo will halt on Thursday for eight hours from 8:00 to 16:00 according to the local time of 05:00 GMT but the United Nation accuses to increase humanitarian pause for 12 hours as per needed to start again.

Earlier today, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring groups said, the Russian Forces has heavily raided on certain areas of Aleppo to knock out rebels.

A Senior Military official said, the expected militants should have to leave Aleppo via two corridors, the first one is Castello and the other corridor is near the Al-Khai Shouq market.

Reportedly, the Russian and Syrian Military experts held a table talk in Geneva on Wednesday to share their views how to separate terrorist from Syrian City? The Russian military experts and specialists have already made their way to Geneva.

However, the Russian war crimes have increased the criticism from US prominent and several more figures which are accusing Moscow for non-human behavior in Aleppo.