Russian Fighter Planes Killed 60 Syrian People In Serious Bombings


Damishq: Last day in capital of Syria, big Russian fighter planes attacked with harsh bombings in which 60 innocent people died and many got serious injuries.


According to news report, in those days, many Islamic countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are facing the big problem of terrorism in which thousands people killed by terrorists. Former super power of the world named Russia made severe bombings by planes and murdered almost 60 Syrian people.

Big region of Syria named Idlib faced a ruthless attack of Russian fighters on a commercial market in which almost 60 were died and large number of people got serious injuries in result of bombings. Famous terrorist group Daesh also involved in many illegal activities and produced many terrorists.

Famous group Daesh also took the control of many cities of Syria especially Idlib city from American and Russian troops in result of terror attacks. Recently, Saudi Arabian Government issued death orders of 47 prisoners and hanged in which a famous Iranian Shea religious personality Nimr al Nimr took decease punishment.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant wants to increase Islamic rules and regulations in all Muslim countries that’s why they introduced harsh attacks for enrolment of Islamic civilization. They are continuing a long war against America, Russia, England and other countries for the purpose of final release.

For last four years, Syria are facing a serious Civil War in which thousands Muslims and other people killed by Allied forces for the purpose of getting the complete control of all Islamic countries in whole world. But at that time, they faced many troubles from two famous Terrorists groups named Al-Qaeda and Daesh.

American forces also faced a serious challenge of terrorists in Afghanistan in which lot of troops killed by Taliban and that quantity is increasing every day.