Russian Maria Sharapova Fails To Pass Drug Test At Australian Open 2016


Famous Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova made press conference in which she told about her positive dope test in result of using some Prohibited medicines.

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Former World number one Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova used some banned medical tablets in result of using that dope test proved positive but everyone shocked when she accepted the responsibility of that negligence in front of media because she did not know the actual benefit of medicine.

Maria Sharapova fails to clear her medical fitness in front of international medical sports department first time in her career because for the last ten years she was using a banned medicine before playing any tennis match but few days ago, ITF sent a letter to Russian star in which they mention the positive report of dope test.

Sharapova is one of the most dangerous tennis players in the world because she won the world number one title in 2005 after a long series of successful games then introduced herself as best woman athlete in the world. According to an online news portal, Russian star earned almost 30000000 pounds by playing tennis in last 10 years now; she is on 7th position in international ranking.

International tennis federation also changed all rules and regulations about game structure up to 1st January 2016 that things did not know Maria Sharapova so took the responsibility of that carelessness in front of media and fans.

The best thing is that she also wants to get reasonable punishment for decreasing use of all illegal medicines in the world of tennis.

Maria Sharapova was born on 19 April 1987 in Nyagan, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union and started professional life in playing tennis for her country and established herself as one of the best players in the world by getting the big title of World Number One in 2005.