Russian Planes Destroyed School in Syria, Teacher and 11 Students Killed


Last day, Russian fighter aircraft’s attacked on a primary school with serious bombings in which almost 11 students and a lady teacher departed from this life, many children got serious injuries.


According to a news report, in those days, famous Muslim country named Syria faced big problem of civil war in which many enemy countries invested their sources for the purpose of killing people. Russian planes also attacked on a school and killed many students and teachers.

On previous morning, when innocent little students went to school then, they faced harsh bombings by Russian fighter planes and almost 11 students killed on the spot, one woman teacher also died along with learners.

Two famous terrorist groups named Al-Qaeda and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant means Daesh increased their attacks on American and Russian army in whole world in result of that Syria faced severe violence in which hundred people died and thousands got serious injuries.

Recently, rebels attacked on a big Russian Helicopter and completely destroyed that in which four pilots killed by freedom fighters. American army also wants to get control of Syria for the purpose of ministry but till now he faced only defeat in shape of heavy loss of troops and weapons.

On the day of Saturday, Russian jets stroked on a large building held in capital of Syria in which approximately 100 people died on the spot due to bombings and 300 got serious damages and shifted to hospital for the purpose of treatment but United Nations does not try to control that harsh situation in Muslim countries.

Freedom fighters also have great developed equipment for finishing the civil war from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. They took lot of control of many big regions and increased attacks on American and Russian army for the purpose of finishing unmuslim powers.