Russian Security Agency FSB Arrests Terror Group And Foiled Mass Attack Of 9 May “Victory Day”


A group of citizens from Central Asian countries have been arrested on suspicion for plotting a series of terror attack during the celebration of 9 May “Victory Day”, Russian Security Agency revealed Leader of International terrorist organization based in Syria and Turkey ordered attack.


Russian Security Agency said, a group of immigrants of Central Asian countries arrested for on suspicion of a part of terror attack ordered by the leader of international terrorist organization of Syria and Turkey on 9 May in Moscow. Russian Security Agency FSB stated, the terror attack has been planned for Russia’s Victory Day holiday.

Federal Security Service FSB reported, “We have found a large quantity of weapons, explosives and other terrorist equipment,” anonymous official of FSB stated to Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency, “The suspects were planning to fire weapons into a crowd, during mass street celebrations on May 9,”.

The matter caught fire when security forces used to say this terror group had involved in the terror explosion of 9 May 2002 that cause casualties of forty four people at least which included 12 Children and 19 soldiers while 133 people wounded in deadly explosion.

Security officials reportedly told to foreign news agency, suspected extremist group took refuge in the Capital of Russia where they plotting their whole strategy to blast on particular Victory Day celebration, added to say, Russian Security agency found huge quantity of explosive material and weapon. When Investigation took under the strict environment terror group expose the name of master mind that is the leader of extremist organization Islamic State.

Russian Forces currently helping Syrian Government to fight with extremist organization Islamic State and battle against several other opposition groups of Syria while several terrorist attacks responsibility claimed by Islamic State mostly happen in region of Caucasus.