Salma Hayek Mourns Dog’s Murder: ‘He was The Most Loving one for her’


Case of Hollywood beauty Salma Hayek’s Dog death as she said she did not know about the death of her Dog that was Most loving one for her in her life, she is so much upset without him.


There is no introduction required for 49 years sexy and beauty Salma Hayek as she is very upset now days because of death of her lovely dog couple of days ago as she said that her lovely dog got a shot in Washington at her ranch.

She also clear the reason why she was inactive on Instagram for many days because she was in grief and as much upset on the death of her lovely pet so due to this reason she uploaded nothing on any of her social media account for last 5 to 6 days.

As her lovely pet died last Friday which was shocking news for her in Washington at her ranch as he was so much close to her heart and soul.

She also requested and appealed to authority of Washington to give justice to her pretty Dog as her Dog did not receive any type of bit injury in for last 9 years as he was a great and loyal companion of her in her life for many years therefore he did not deserve this type of death.

Salma Hayek also told about her pet many times during her interview earlier and also told her fan how much she love with her dog as he do not harm anybody in her life.

she told in her interview she love dogs very much therefore she has nine dog in her house instead of dogs she has also horses, cats, fishes as well as parrot therefore everybody should know about her love with animals.