Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge VS Apple iPhone 6S Plus, Specs, Camera, Review, Price, Features


Samsung and Apple both are giving very tough time to each other Samsung is an older brand than Apple but in last few years both are going neck to neck and realizing new models after one.


Other as Samsung is worldwide brand similarly Apple is also popular in the whole world and there is a community which use Apple phones called themselves as Apple Lovers now apple has launched a new phone iPhone 6S and similarly Samsung launched S7 Edge Samsung introduced an amazing feature which is edge on both sides of screen.

Let’s compare these two models of Apple and Samsung and everyone has its own priorities and different choices so different people choose different models according to their need.

In design of these models we includes their size, weight, memory card slot and color offerings screen, in size the size of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is 149×72×7.63 mm and the size of Apple iPhone 6S Plus was 158.2 ×77.9 ×7.3 mm and most of the public loves the size of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as people expect the same size from the company.

In weight the weight if Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is 5.54 ounce and on the other side the weight of Apple iPhone 6S Plus was 6.77 ounce in weight most of the public loves the weight of Apple as it is an identity of Apple that’s its Smart Phones are heavy as compare to others.

In the design of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the slot of memory card was available but as usual the slot of memory card was not available in Apple.

In color offering both are offering different colors.

Apple is offering colors silver, golden, space grey and raised golden.

Samsung is offering colors black, white, silver and golden.

In case of screen the screen of Apple was 5.5 inches LCD it was just simple LCD it has no latest features but in Samsung the screen was Dual Edged 5.5 inches super Quad HD AMOLED as the trend sets Samsung always the latest technology just like it use in its screen and the resolution of Apple was 401 ppi and the resolution of Samsung was 534 ppi.

The cameras of Samsung and Apple were totally same both have front camera of 5MP and rare camera of 12MP and video is of 2,160p 4K UHD.

Samsung use the OS Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Apple was using the OS iOS 9 processor of Samsung was Qualcomm MSM8996, Snapdragon 820 (U.S.)/ Exynos 8890 Octa (Int’l.) and the processor of Apple was 64-bit Apple A9 processor, M9 Motion coprocessor, RAM used Apple is of 2GB and Samsung is using the RAM of 4GB market place for Samsung was Google Play Store and for Apple its market Place was Apple Play Store, Storage available in Samsung was 32GB, 64GB and in Apple it was 16GB, 64GB and 128GB, NFC support was available in both of them but in Apple the NFC Support was only for Apple.

In Hardware both of the smart phones have figure print tracer and both have Bluetooth and of version 4.2 in both of them, Samsung was water and dust proof but apple have not even a single feature of Dust and Water proofing and both have metallic body.

The battery in Samsung is of 3600 mAh and was charged by using usb charger and it has a feature of wireless charging and it was charged fast on the other side the battery of Apple is of 2750 mAh and is was not charged fast and not charged wireless and it use lightning charger.