Samsung Galaxy S8 Price in UK Specifications, 4K Screen, Dual Camera, Release date, Features


After Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge now Samsung is going to introduce its new Smart Phone which is Samsung Galaxy S8.


This Samsung Galaxy S8 is now not available in market but soon it will be release in United Kingdom this Samsung Galaxy range was started in 2010 from then to now every year a new model of Samsung Galaxy Series is released.

• Galaxy S – 2010
• Galaxy S2 – 2011
• Galaxy S3 – 2012
• Galaxy S4 – 2013
• Galaxy S5 – 2014
• Galaxy S6 – 2015
• Galaxy S7 – 2016

As following this sequence we hope that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be introduced in year 2017 there are rumors that there will be three models in Samsung Galaxy S8 first is Samsung Galaxy S8 second is Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge and last one is Samsung Galaxy S8 mini till now it is not confirmed that Samsung will introduce Samsung Galaxy S8 mini or not.

The price of Samsung Galaxy S8 will be in between £550 to £600 as the price of Samsung Galaxy S6 is £599 and price of Samsung Galaxy S7 is £569 in United Kingdom as the price of S7 is less than S6 it seems like that the price of Samsung Galaxy S8 will be in middle range.

The design of Samsung Galaxy S8 is a combination of glass and mettle the width of Samsung Galaxy S8 is just live LG introduces in G5 there is a chance that this time Samsung don’t introduce removable battery but it is not possible other features are same like SD card Slot USB port Samsung Pen Fast Charging.

This time Samsung is going to introduce 4K screen which was just introduced by Sony in Xperia Z5 Premium.

As Samsung is following LG G5 and Huawei P9 in Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung is introducing dual camera.