Samsung Has Returned 500,000 Galaxy Note 7 Phones In United States


After faulty batteries, Samsung Company has returned half of the defective and potentially explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is now safely in the hands of the customer while other remaining will also returned soon.


Just after two days of the complaints, Samsung worked very well to finish the fault of their master one piece Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which has fault of fault batteries so they started the returning after claim of their entire 1 million smart devices in United States.

So according to the company half of existing owners and customers have returned their original handsets as it seems that more than 90 percent of the people in United States have decided to exchange their Galaxy Note 7 from company due to problem of faulty batteries.

So in this respect 90 percent people has decided to exchange their previous Note 7 with new one so company is able not to refund money back to the users or retailers.

So company asked that replacement Samsung Note 7 is with brand new phones and also with brand new batteries which are supplied from different suppliers, so it took two days for company to ship out the replacement of phones to United States, but the matter of unfortunate that in these days iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are sold extensively.

But all after that thumbs up for Samsung for taking just two days to replace 50 percent of devices back in the hands of retailers, therefore it was told that company has also lost fair amount of market value due to fault but they replace very well.

So it is also asked that Company is ready to launch new one which is S8 to meet the loses created by this Note 7 so consumers are looking at the efforts of company to provide replacement of Galaxy Note 7 which is done very nicely by Samsung.