Samsung Note 7 Is Coming With USB-C Port, Providing A Choice Option In Colors


As the release date of Samsung Note 7 is getting closer which is August 2 2016 the features of this coming product of Samsung are released one by one in form of rumors but some of them are wrong to attain the attention of audience towards this upcoming device which represents the progress in technology field.


According to the latest news the Samsung Note 7 is coming the USB Port C in place of regular micro USB port for its users as this progress in technology takes Samsung Note 7 to the next level along with news Samsung is also going to a chance to its users to choose the color of their own choice wile purchasing the Samsung Note 7.

The reason behind using the USB C port is that this is the latest USB port introduced in the world of technology and it is the fastest USB port till now it transfers data of 10BPM on both sides it is capable to transfer more data in less time as well as it increase the charging speed of Note 7 so with this USB port Samsung Note 7 going to take less time for 100% charging.

For quick charging of Note 7 Samsung is using the Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 along with the USB C port charger the combination of these two things really boost up the charging speed of Note Present time nobody has such time to wait for 3 4 hours for the complete 100% charging.

On the other side Samsung is also giving the chance to choose the color of your own choice to its users and fans Samsung gives a list of colors which will be available in Note 7 Silver, Gold, Titanium, Coral Blue along with regular Black color.