Samsung To Restart The Sale Of Galaxy Note 7 On 28 September In South Korea


It is officially and formally announced by the Samsung they are restarting the Sale of Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea with the Cooperation of US Consumer Product safety Commission of about 1 million devices will be sold.


The official authority of Samsung announced on Friday that the company is resuming the sale of their new and best device till now which is Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea on 28th of September this month as it is very difficult to recall the second half sale of the smartphone device.

It is asked by the analyst that company stopped the sale of their Galaxy Note 7 device due to faulty batteries because it was said to recall from more than 10 markets. So company has received about 92 reports about the overheating of batteries of this device just from United States 55 devices totally damaged with 37 reports of burn.

According to reports that they recall the sale of their best device to compete with the sale of iPhone 7 and also wants to raise the scale of their company in the markets of world so the price of this device Galaxy Note 7 is about $882 dollars in South Korea.

So this recall may be cost heavy for the company because company may cost more than $5 billion and it will also hurt the reputation of the company as it is reported that Samsung has sold with more than 2.5 million smartphones with faulty batteries.

So spoke person of the Samsung announced that restart of sale will include United States and also said that in Australia, sale will start in early days of October.

So after well appreciated batteries Samsung is ready to start the sale of more than 1 million smartphones devices in Korea and other countries with the cooperation of US Consumer Product Safety Commission and they will also replace the faulty devices.